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Social Enterprise

How we give back

CBM Sustainability Group is led by

an economic, social, environmental and cultural mission

that benefits communities locally and globally.

We regard our giving as investment in the future.

We commit to investing in projects and organisations

that are positively impacting people and our planet.

CBM is currently partnering with the following;

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CBM has partnered with BELIEVE GLOBAL for the design, engineering and delivery of the Community Hubs Project.

The Community Hubs Project will see multi-use community centres built in each of the 89 districts of Papua New Guinea. Furnished with advanced technology, facilities and equipment, each Hub will enable local government districts to communicate regularly with each other and the nation’s capital while providing a place for locals to gather together and receive the assistance they need in order to thrive and be empowered in their lives.


CBM’s CEO also provides pro bono professional support and advice to the Leadership Team of Believe Global as it expands its influence and positive impact throughout the Pacific region.


The HEART OF IMPACT program administered by IMPACT in its various communities throughout Australia and overseas is becoming increasingly effective in providing joy, purpose and relief to people. IMPACT’s global missions include the establishment of;  an orphanage with educational, incl. university pathways in Indonesia, youth outreach services in Japan, and crisis relief support as necessary. Within Australia, HEART OF IMPACT assists families, youth, children and the elderly through a range of programs and services.

CBM’s CEO also serves on the Board as a voluntary Director of Impact Group and its various NFP entities.

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iSEE CARE is the community care arm of iSEE Church,  a dynamic growing organisation with campuses throughout Australia as well as in Mumbai and Hong Kong. iSEE CARE recognises that mental health, teen suicide, bullying, isolation and family breakdowns are some of the greatest issues facing Australians. The wonderful people who operate iSEE CARE focus on supporting and empowering young people and families to be part of the solution. They provide practical support to those who need a bit of help to get by, and they create better futures through their programs in schools and universities.

iSEE CARE also initiates and delivers other community building opportunities such as their School Blitz programs where thousands of members of the community have contributed their time, talent and finance to undertake refurbishment of local school campuses.


CBM’s CEO also serves on the Board as a voluntary Director of iSEE Group and its various NFP entities.


CBM is a founding member of RECONCILIATION TASMANIA CBM strongly supports the Aims of RECTAS where all Tasmanians are encouraged to walk together in relationships based on trust and respect for each other and our island’s  rich and long history.

As longstanding supporters of both Flinders Island Aboriginal Association and Cape Barren Island Aboriginal Association, the Directors of CBM play an instrumental part in the broader community in achieving recognition, respect and acknowledgement of Tasmanian Aboriginal communities to ensure their voices are heard and that they are afforded fairness and equal opportunities.

As a member of The Reconciliation Collective since its establishment in 2019, CBM also serves to enhance a collegial network of community and business partners who are committed to the Aims of Reconciliation Tasmania and who work together and support each other’s reconciliation journey.



In 2017 CBM helped establish a majority Aboriginal owned social enterprise named Desert Springs Projects with the aim of setting it up to become a strong operating company specialising in bringing cost effective and reliable renewable energy to outlying and remote Indigenous communities in outback Australia.


The company achieved Supply Nation accreditation and undertook sustainable development projects in conjunction with other Aboriginal owned entities utilising the experience, skills and capability held within CBM.


Recently, having fulfilled our aims, CBM granted its 39% ownership to our Aboriginal partner whilst continuing to provide high level professional support pro bono to it’s Director.




On occasion, CBM provides support to deserving athletes who have been identified as having significant potential to excel on the national or world stage but who do not yet have the backing of major corporate sponsorship or an Institute of Sport scholarship.

In 2023, CBM reached agreement with James Hansen for him to become an Ambassador for Exceed Engineering, our engineering business which is part of CBM Sustainability Group.

James Hansen’s recent performances as a runner at national level have placed him as an eligible candidate for Paris 2024.

Watch this space!

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The Raptor Refuge

CBM is a proud supporter of The Raptor Refuge in southern Tasmania. The Raptor Refuge is committed to securing the future of Tasmania's raptors by reducing human impacts through rehabilitating injured, sick or orphaned raptors, educating the public and supporting habitat conservation.

Raptors play a very important ecological role by controlling populations of rodents, introduced bird species and other small mammals.

Also, the presence of raptors in the wild serves as a barometer of ecological health. Because threats like pesticides, habitat loss, and climate change have the most dramatic impact on top predators, healthy populations of raptor species signifies a healthy natural ecosystem.

Anyhow, who isn’t awed by the vision of a wild wedge-tailed eagle effortlessly gliding high in the sky, or the beautiful night-time call of the boobook owl!

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